Swift Sightings!

The first swift arrived home in the night / early morning at The Agri Museum, Wexford, it was in its nest box May 3rd. This is Box 4 so it’s one of a new pair that prospected last year. Hopefully its mate will arrive soon too. See swiftcam photo here.

Also Swifts have been reported from Kerry on 23rd April and Roscommon Town 2nd May and 2 swifts seen over Westport, Co Mayo on 3 May.

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5 Responses to Swift Sightings!

  1. Simon Ryan says:

    About 15 swifts have arrived back to
    Newbawn Church

  2. Simon Ryan says:

    15 or 16 swifts have returned to Newbawn Church, Newbawn, Co. Wexford.

  3. Our Swifts arrived back on the night of Thursday the 4th and Friday morning the 5th of May. There seems to be a lot more Swifts over Swinford this year!

  4. paddy sheridan says:

    in kildare the first birds reported were in newbridge and coill dubh on may 4 and they were in virtually every other town by may 5,6 and 7.

  5. Peter Mc Carron says:

    Saw six “Screamers” yesterday circling close to the coast on the northern side of Laytown Co Meath. They were about 1kl north of my three new nest boxes.

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