GMIT Swiftcams

Swift entering nest box.

Swift entering nest box. Copyright © Martin Leak

Camera 1

22 July – There are three pairs visible at night in the boxes.  Two of the pairs (top row boxes) knocked their two clutches of eggs out of the nest so did not successfully breed this year.  The pair on row 2 are new this year so should breed next year.  Unfortunately, Box 12 camera has broken but we assume the three chicks will have successfully fledged by now.

Camera 2

22 July – This is the pair from Box 11 who have two chicks.  This is the first year they have successfully hatched eggs. In previous years they knocked their eggs off the nest. These chicks should fledge in two weeks time.

Camera 3

22 July – This is Box 1 and two of the chicks fledged in morning of 21 July.  The remaining chick will fledge in the next day or two.  The parents will then return to roost in the nest for a few nights to protect their nest site.

Camera 4

22 July – This is Box 5 and they have just one chick having knocked the second egg off the nest before it could hatch.  This chick is doing well and should fledge in about 3 weeks.

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