GMIT Swiftcams

Swift entering nest box.

Swift entering nest box. Copyright © Martin Leak

What an interesting swift season this is. The three pairs whose chicks hatched around 21 June are doing well and should fledge in a couple of weeks. The four pairs who knocked out their eggs around 17 June all relayed eggs around 28 June. This is amazing because these eggs are scheduled to hatch in the week of 16 July and that means they’ll only fledge in the first week of September. Normally we would expect all the chicks to have fledged by early August. Holding our breath to see how many of the eggs hatch. In addition we have one newly formed pair in bottom left nest on Camera 3 and a single bird was seen at 7am on 12 July in the middle nest box on bottom row of Camera 3.

Camera 1

Camera 2

Camera 3

Camera 4

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