Now is the best time in the swift season to survey for nest sites. The ‘bangers’ (young birds exploring nest sites) are here and eggs are hatching so parents are starting to feed young so will be entering nest sites on a regular basis throughout the day.

So, if you can give some time to surveying in your town we would encourage you to share your findings on-line with either :

National Biodiversity Data Centre’s Swift Data Page which is found alphabetically under the ‘Submit Sightings’ section

OR with BirdWatch Ireland’s Swift Survey page

Recording nest sites and sharing that information with the survey sites helps with efforts to protect some of the natural sites.

You can find survey advice and a sample recording sheet byClicking Here

Lynda Huxley spotted a swift over GMIT nest boxes 30th April

Lynda Huxley saw one Swift flying over GMIT Mayo Campus in Castlebar yesterday evening and we have fresh nest material in boxes 9 and 7. Hope to get livestream up and running in next couple of days. Ricky Whelan of BirdWatchIreland has also had reports of Swift sightings in Banagher and Birr. These will be breeding birds so should be going to their nest sites. The ‘bangers’ i.e. potential new breeders should arrive in the next couple of weeks.

Lynda Huxley is giving a swift talk at Hotel Newport in Newport on April 16th

On Monday April 16th at 20:00 in the Hotel Newport, Newport, Lynda Huxley will be giving a talk as a part of the “Mayo Dark Skies”. Artificial light can be a problem for migrating birds and at their nest sites. Lynda will be sharing information about this amazing bird and how we can all help them.

Poster for Newport talk by Lynda Huxley

Poster for Newport talk by Lynda Huxley